Meet Perla! Young adult Lab mix who is loyal and devoted to her person, super chill in house, gets along great with other dogs and her dream home has another dog in the house! 

We need to find this dream home for her.

Perla is a great sized young adult lab mix who spent her formative time in the hands of a loving foster and in the middle of her pack of dogs. She is very loyal and devoted to her family, following them around, laying calmly at their feet, settles perfectly in the house, not at all destructive, gets along great with her grandkids. Perla’s fear is crossing the threshold when she enters a home. You see, being from La Paz, BCS, Mexico and spending most of her time outside and familiar with “Mexican style” homes where outdoors and indoors kind of blend together — she needs help overcoming this fear.

She is a dog’s dog and really takes her cues from the dog around her. This does not diminish her potential and affection for her owners it’s just that another dog around instills confidence in her and they are like her super hero cape and powers.

Totally totally housebroken.

At 1.5 years old she is at at a great age and very trainable to the routines of her new home.

Check out this video of her at the beach.

Her baseline disposition is just very calm by nature and not aggressive at all!

Happy, healthy, and quiet, she is super affectionate and loyal to her foster and people she trusts. She is never aggressive but can be shy with men she just meets, but will march right up to strangers if another dog thinks they are great!

Rides good in car rides, walks on a leash! Eager to please and trainable.

She was found in La Paz, BCS, Mexico — dumped at 2 months old and was so lucky to have a kind-hearted foster mom take her in! At the time there was not a way for the Fosters to place the street dogs they found but in swooped Baja Dogs to the rescue.

Spayed and vaccinated and was born August 15, 2015 still so young! Currently weighs 45 pounds and is solid medium sized dog.

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Perla at the beach in La Paz

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