Pet Escorts are people flying to a particular destination and take one or more dogs along with them as part of their “baggage.” Of course, we know dogs are more than “baggage” but they travel that way with the airlines. So, when a dog needs to go to a particular city, a traveler going to that same destination can help by allowing us to add a kennel reservation to the flight. We call this role a “Pet Escort.” There is no additional cost and you get the experience of being part of the dog’s journey that began as an abandoned or stray and will culminate as a loving pet in someone’s home.

We at Baja Dogs make every effort to ensure you, as a volunteer Pet Escort, have minimal inconvenience for doing this. We deliver the dog to you, generally meeting at the airport ticket counter, and help get the dog checked in. We handle the dog’s certificates and other required documentation and answer any questions you have.

When you arrive at your destination, the dog will generally come out in over-sized baggage (unless traveling in-cabin under the seat in front of you) and you show the documents to the customs or other airport officials. The dog is picked up at the airport by the adoptive family or volunteers anxiously waiting his/her arrival.

Recently, Alaska Airlines changed 90% of their fleet from Boeing 737s to Airbuses out of the Cabo airport. The airbuses do not have pressurized cargo compartments so dogs cannot fly this aircraft type unless small enough to fly in cabin. If you fly Alaska airlines on a 737, reservations for kennel spaces need to be made quickly as these spaces fill up. Only 7 dogs total are allowed on a 737 – that is NOT 7 dogs per passenger but 7 dogs for the entire planeload. So with this shift of aircraft types, the 737s now fill quickly.

WestJet is another airline often used out of Cabo. WestJet does not allow dogs to fly as cargo during certain summer months (usually mid-May to November 1).

If you are making reservations to visit La Paz and want to know about some airline choices that are also pet-friendly (having pressurized cargo compartments) check out these options that you may not have considered since they won’t show up on your Hotwire and Expedia searches – but offer excellent prices especially if booking in advance:

  • Volaris – This is a Mexican airline that flies directly into La Paz (also into Cabo International). Be sure to check out the options of flying this airline. New destinations are constantly being added – the most common cities we have sent dogs to – San Diego, Los Angeles, and Seattle – are all served by this airline and you get right into and out of the local La Paz airport.
  • Calafia Airlines another Mexican airline that flies into La Paz out of Tijuana. The Cross Border Express bridge is a bridge you enter on the US side of the border and takes you directly into the Tijuana airport. When returning to San Diego, you can also take the Cross Border Express bridge right out of baggage claim in the Tijuana airport and you will exit the tunnel in San Diego.

The most important thing is to let us know as quickly as possible so we can book the kennel space before the flight fills up. To do this we will need your itinerary and confirmation code and, if transporting a dog for us, we will pay for the added kennel expense.

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