Pet Escorts are people flying to a particular destination and take one or more dogs along with them as part of their “baggage.” Of course, we know dogs are more than “baggage” but they travel that way with the airlines. So, when a dog needs to go to a particular city, a traveler going to that same destination can help by allowing us to add a kennel reservation to the flight. We call this role a “Pet Escort.” There is no additional cost and you get the experience of being part of the dog’s journey that began as an abandoned or stray and will culminate as a loving pet in someone’s home.

We at Baja Dogs make every effort to ensure you, as a volunteer Pet Escort, have minimal inconvenience for doing this. We deliver the dog to you, generally meeting at the airport ticket counter, and help get the dog checked in. We handle the dog’s certificates and other required documentation and answer any questions you have.

When you arrive at your destination, the dog will generally come out in over-sized baggage (unless traveling in-cabin under the seat in front of you) and you show the documents to the customs or other airport officials. The dog is picked up at the airport by the adoptive family or volunteers anxiously waiting his/her arrival.

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