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The word “rescatista” is Spanish for rescuer. Baja Dogs works to support those individuals in the community who rescue stray/abandoned dogs, taking them right into their own homes to care and rehabilitate these animals. By supporting these rescuers, we empower those in the community to educate their friends, neighbors, and family about the importance of sterilization, vaccination, and good pet ownership. This fund was established for those who wish to rescue dogs but would like the financial support for food, veterinary care, and supplies. Once the rescued dogs are ready, we place them up for adoption in the US and Canada as well as here in La Paz. Visit our Adoption Portfolio to see some of these dogs.

If you live in La Paz, the US, or Canada and would like to foster one of these dogs for a short time period, just over night, or for a month or more, we could use you! Visit our Foster Homes Needed page.

If you have rescued a dog and need assistance, please contact us at