With the help of  Salty Paws of La Paz, rescatistas gather every Saturday at the beach to work on the rehabilitation of their dogs. Dogs learn to walk on a leash without pulling and to walk beside each other without becoming distracted.

If you have a dog in the Baja Dogs Adoption Program, you are welcome to join every Saturday at 9:00 am at the beach in front of the La Posada Hotel.

If you are visiting La Paz and would like to meet some of the rescatistas and their dogs or help out please feel free to join as well!

See the map on this page for the location of the hotel. When you get to the end of the road of Nueva Reforma there is a beach. To the right of where the road ends is where the training is held every week.

If you decide to join – feel free to send us an email at volunteer@bajadogslapaz.org and we will look for you.